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For general information, please call our office at (360) 210-5165 or email us at


Lois Smith

Executive Director

Lois Smith has spent over 25 years working on social impact issues, projects, and campaigns with organizations dedicated to improving the lives of vulnerable adults, families, and children. Her expertise lies in operations & resource management, organizational development, strategic planning, and government affairs. Lois has served many organizations, including: the AARP, Campaign for Equal Justice, WA Public Health, the CO Bar Association and Commission on Aging.

Lois has also consulted for various nonprofits, and is the founder / creator of The Pocket Guide for the homeless – generating national, regional and local public awareness & engagement opportunities through multi-mediums. She is particularly passionate about servicing people experiencing homelessness, and is grateful to be at FPCC to support the mission and incredible team of staff and volunteers to help grow it into the future.


Niccole Fuller

Case Manager

Niccole Fuller is a resident of Clark County and is passionate about making changes in the lives of the families we serve. Niccole is a graduate of Washington State University, with a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Social Science with a Major is Case Management. Niccole comes from a background of working in various careers, such as the Vancouver Housing Authority, Bridgeview Resource Center, and Self Enhancement Incorporated. Having worked these various jobs has given her an edge that relates to finding the best resources to ensure our families become self-sufficient and housed. For Niccole, it’s all about relationships and using resources in our community to combat barriers that families face to ensure their success.


Shelby Ramirez

Program Coordinator

Shelby Ramirez is passionate about serving those around her in any way she can, helping bring smiles to the PNW! Shelby recently graduated from Clark College with her Bachelors degree in Human Services. Shelby has years of experience working in Early Childhood Education and in the Camas School District. Shelby has loved getting to adventure in different aspects of Human Services interning here with us, at DCYF in Downtown Vancouver, and Helen Baller Elementary. Shelby believes that everyone deserves to have a safe and comforting place to call home, and she is committed to doing her part to make our little corner of Washington more accessible to thrive living in.

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