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Discover the wide range of volunteer opportunities with Family Promise of Clark County- from craft projects, to financial literacy and resume building, to helping organize fund raising events.  There is something for everyone!


Volunteers play a critical and essential role to the success of our program and the families we serve.  


We are always looking for volunteers to help us in our mission to help families.  We are currently recruiting for shelter volunteers and van drivers.   If you have never volunteered with us before please email us at:   for more information.

Already a volunteer?  Sign up for volunteer shifts : 

Family Promise-mom and son

“I have said it many times, ‘I am here, so that the families can be here.’   To watch the families grow, interact, and then graduate gives me such a feeling of joy... to know I have contributed to that family’s life (even in a small way) is absolutely awesome!  I am also able to be a “servant” - to have the joy of meeting another person’s needs.”

Volunteer from Family Promise of Clark County, WA

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