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Christie M.

“I have said it many times, ‘I am here, so that the families can be here.’   To watch the families grow, interact, and then graduate gives me such a feeling of joy... to know I have contributed to that family’s life (even in a small way) is absolutely awesome!  I am also able to be a “servant” - to have the joy of meeting another person’s needs.”

Jean B.

“People are homeless for a variety of reasons. One size does not fit all when we're coming up with solutions. I love Family Promise because it is geared to the needs of homeless children and their families.”

Claudia M.

“I appreciate the opportunity to learn with other members of our church about how to host together”

Guest Families


“Because of Family Promise Volunteers, my son and I felt safe and cared for in this program.”


"Family Promise gave me a base to build from and all the support I needed, was given”


“I learned so much at Family Promise. They will always be my family.”

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